Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

Near or far.

Many problems can be quickly resolved without leaving home.

Remote Assistance

Our remote technical support centre is ideal for those quick fixes. Issues such as installing a new printer driver, other programmes, solving email issues, browser problems, and some malware problems can be solved remotely.

Our online remote technical support service is available during working hours, but you must call us first. We can then setup a remote support session for you and assist with your computing problem, if we can.

The cost for remote assistance is £35 for the first 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the charge is £30.00 for the next 30 minutes. We do not normally spend more than one hour.


We cannot guarantee a fix of your problem and we cannot be responsible for any changes to your system, especially after a virus or infection has been removed. Virus programmes can lock systems when you attempt to remove them and you may have to bring your system into us for additional repairs anyway.

You should also backup your data prior to any Remote Technical Assistance as we cannot be responsible for data loss or any other problem with your computer as a result of remote operations and assistance.

It is crucial that you remain at your computer as we may ask questions via the chat facility.

Using remote assistance we can:

Clicking the download link will download the SOS programme to your computer.

1. Look out for the download notification usually in the bottom left hand corner (Google Chrome)

2 If using Microsoft Edge you will be asked “what do you want to do” – Click Run

3. Be PATIENT as it takes about 20 seconds or so to run

4. In all cases choose run and agree or accept all messages

5. A window will pop up and give you a set of numbers.

6. Tell us the numbers so we can login. We can’t login without them.

It is important that you stay at the computer in case we need to ask questions. We shall do this via the chat window.

If you are having trouble click the SOS Website below and the programme will run. Or when at the Website, choose Windows download.

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