Data Recovery

Data Recovery
Think it’s all gone? In most cases we can recover data from your hard drive.
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Data Recovery

We have recently invested over £4,000 in data recovery hardware and tools to offer you a greater chance of getting back vital data. Our success rate on “difficult” drives has increased quite dramatically and many other data extraction problems have become easier as a result.

If your hard disk drive (external or internal) is reporting a problem, will not boot, comes up with a read error, no hard disk found, insert boot disk etc, then STOP. Do not use it anymore and bring it down to us for inspection.

In many cases we are able to retrieve your valuable data and transfer it to a new hard drive.

If the drive itself no longer starts at all due to an electrical failure, has been dropped, makes a strange noise and similar then again we can probably fix it. The important thing is to stop using it.

The more you turn it on and off the more danger there is that your data will be corrupted.

At no time should you try and defragment the drive using system tools or boot disks, this will end in complete disaster. Well meaning friends and their bootable cd’s with a collection of data recovery tools (usually free ones) can also lead to further damage and data loss.

We can extract data from hard disks, SD cards, Memory Sticks, Raid Arrays, USB Drives, Floppy Disks, CD and DVD media etc. Remember though, that programmes cannot be extracted, but you can easily reload a programme… its the data that they create which is important!

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